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American Empire Atlantis The Blue Fox Colonization
Crosstime Traffic Darkness Days of Infamy Fantastic Civil War
Gerin the Fox The Great War Hitler's War Isaac's Universe
Roxalani The Scepter of Mercy Settling Accounts Sostrates & Menedemos
Supervolcano Tale of Krispos Time of Troubles Videssos
War World Worldwar    

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For internal chronological order, simply read any of these series in the order listed from top of column to bottom.




The Great War


War Between the Provinces

Menedemos & Sostratos

Wereblood1, 2

The Bridge of the Separator

In the Balance7

How Few Remain

Into the Darkness

Sentry Peak

Over the Wine Dark Sea

Werenight1, 2

The Stolen Throne4

Tilting the Balance7

American Front9

Darkness Descending

Marching the Peachtree

The Gryphon´┐Żs Skull

Prince of the North2

Hammer and Anvil4

Upsetting the Balance7

Walk in Hell9

Through the Darkness

Advance and Retreat

The Sacred Land

King of the North3

The Thousand Cities4

Striking the Balance7


Rulers of the Darkness


Owls to Athens

Fox and Empire3

Videssos Besieged4

Second Contact8

Blood and Iron10

Jaws of Darkness




Krispos Rising5

Down to Earth8

The Center Cannot Hold10

Out of the Darkness



  The Gap

Krispos of Videssos5


The Victorious Opposition 10


Crosstime Traffic

Days of Infamy

  Beyond the Gap

Krispos the Emperor5

Homeward Bound

Return Engagement11

  Scepter of Mercy

Gunpowder Empire

Days of Infamy

  The Breath of God

The Misplaced Legion6


Drive to the East  11

  The Bastard King

Curious Notions

End of the Beginnings

  The Golden Shrine

An Emperor for the Legion6


 The Grapple 11

  The Chernagor Pirates

  In High Places



The Legion of Videssos6

  Opening Atlantis

  In at the Death  11

  The Scepter's Return

  The Disunited States of America

The War That Came Early


Swords of the Legion6

The United States of Atlantis

    The Gladiator   Hitler's War



Liberating Atlantis

    Valley-Westside War West and East

All Fall Down


Atlantis & Other Places 12

      The Big Switch

Things Fall Apart

          Coup d'Etat
            Two Fronts
            Last Orders

  Orange background means the book has not yet been published.

1 Wereblood and Werenight were collected into a single volume, Werenight, in 1994
The combined Werenight (see note 1) and Prince of the North were combined into a singe volume, Wisdom of the Fox, in 1999
King of the North and Fox and Empire were combined into a single volume, Tale of the Fox, in 2000
4 These four books, known as the Time of Troubles, comprise the third Videssos series published
5 These three books, known as the tale of Krispos, comprise the second Videssos series published.
6 These four books, known as the Lost Legion series, comprise the first Videssos series published.
7 These four titles comprise the Worldwar series.
8 These three titles comprise the Colonization series.
9 These three titles comprise the Great War series
10 These three titles comprise the American Empire series  
11 These three titles comprise the Settling Accounts series
12 This is a collection of short stories, not all of which are set in Atlantis.

Uncollected short story cycles or shared universe cycles are listed below

War World

  • "Tribute Maidens," War World I: The Burning Eye, edited by Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr & Roland Green, Baen 1988.Buy from Amazon Books
  • "The Field of Double Sowing," War World II: Death's Head Rebellion, edited by Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr & Roland Green, Baen 1990.Buy from Amazon Books
  • "Juchi the Accursed," War World III: Sauron Dominion, edited by Jerry Pournelle & John F. Carr, Baen 1991.Buy from Amazon Books
  • "Hang Together," Codominium: Revolt on War World, edited by Jerry Pournelle & John F. Carr, Baen 1992.Buy from Amazon Books
  • with S.M. Stirling, Judith Tarr & Susan Shwartz, Bloodfeuds, Baen 1/93.Buy from Amazon Books
    • Reviewed in Dragon, 5/93 by John C. Bunnell
  • with S.M. Stirling, Judith Tarr & Susan Shwartz, Blood Vengeance, Baen 1/94.Buy from Amazon Books
  • "Those Who Lose," War World IV: Invasion, edited by Jerry Pournelle, Baen, 1994.Buy from Amazon Books

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Isaac's Universe

  • "Island of the Gods," The Diplomacy Guild, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, 1990
  • "Thirty Pieces," Phases in Chaos, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, 1991
  • "Breakups," Unnatural Diplomacy, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, 1992

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  • "The Road Not Taken," Analog, 11/85.
  • "Herbig-Haro," Analog, 10/84, as by Eric G. Iverson

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The Blue Fox

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