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From Prince of the North, Map by Eleanor Kostyk

The series of books dealing with Gerin the Fox was Harry Turtledove's first published fiction. Under the pseudonym "Eric G. Iverson," a name selected by his then publisher, Belmont Tower Books, Turtledove published Wereblood and Werenight in 1979.
Not as well known as his Videssos cycle, the Gerin the Fox books allow Turtledove to examine similar themes in a different setting. Based as firmly in historical background as the later cycle, these books take place in the distant hinterlands of a once-great empire instead of at the center.
After fifteen years, Turtledove returned to his earlier world and began to expand on Gerin's life and his attempts to make peace for his families and deal with a multi-deistic universe, more akin, perhaps, to the "Elric" stories of Michael Moorcock or the "Nehwon" cycle of Fritz Leiber than Christian paradigm of Medieval Europe.


  • (as Eric Iverson), Wereblood, Belmont Tower 1979, Trojan (UK), 1979.
  • (as Eric Iverson), Werenight, Belmont Tower 4/79.
  • The Prince of the North, Baen 6/94.Buy from Amazon Books
    • Steven Silver's Review of The Prince of the North
    • Dani Zweig's Review of The Prince of the North
  • King of the North, Baen 4/96.Buy from Amazon Books
    • Steven Silver's Review of King of the North
  • Fox and Empire, Baen 1/98. Previously Announced as Gerin the Fox. Buy from Amazon Books
    • Steven Silver's Review of Fox and Empire


  • Werenight, Baen 2/94. This is a revision and omnibus of the two Belmont Tower books. Published in Italy as Il Liber dei Poteri.Buy from Amazon Books
  • Wisdom of the Fox, Baen 10/99.  This is an omnibus of Werenight and The Prince of the North. Buy from Amazon Books
  • Tale of the Fox, Baen 6/00.  This is an omnibus of King of the North and Fox and Empire. Buy from Amazon Books

Cover Gallery

Wereblood Wereblood Werenight
Belmont Tower, 1979
Trojan, 1979
Belmont Tower, 1979
Werenight Prince of the North King of the North
Baen, 1994
Cover by Larry Elmore
Prince of the North
Baen, 1994
Cover by Larry Elmore
King of the North
Baen, 1996
Cover by Ken Tunell
Fox and Empire Il libro dei poteri wisdom.jpg (31606 bytes)
Fox and Empire
Baen, 1998
Il libro dei poteri
Editrice Nord, 1996
Cover by Jim Burns
Wisdom of the Fox
Baen, 1999

  Tale of the Fox
Baen, 2000
Cover by Bob Eggleton

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