I've had some dealings with all of the bookstores on this list. In some cases, I even have a professional affiliation with some of the bookstores. For this reason, I don't include editorial comments on any of the stores. I'll add new stores, but only if I have first-hand knowledge of them.

ABE (Advanced Book Exchange)
Acorn Books
Adder's Choice
Adventures in Crime and Space
Aleph Bookstore
Alibris Bookstore (formerly Interloc)
Amazon Books
Amazon UK
Augustin Funnell Books
Australian Online Bookstore
Barnes and Noble
Basement Full of Books
Charles McKee
Christine Kovach, Bookseller
Chronicles Bookshop
Cobblestone Books
Dangerous Visions
Das Romanie Bookstore & Gallery
DMK Books
Dragon and Unicorn
DreamHaven Books
Flights of Fantasy
Future Fantasy
Garry Kleier Books
House of Speculative Fiction
The Ink Well
Internet Book Shop
Jim Whitford, Bookseller
Kerstetter Books
Mark Zeising Books
Mysterious Galaxy
Nebula Bookstore
The Other Change of Hobbit
The Overlook Connection
Pandora's Books
SF, Mysteries and More
The Stars Our Destination
Walter G. Muehlau, Academic Booksellers
White Dwarf Books
Wrigley-Cross Books

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