Harry Turtledove


Many people have helped me get the information on this page. I would like to thank Ellen Kay Harris, Anh Hoang, Christine Levis, Colleen Lindsay, and Steve Saffel of Del Rey Books, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Maureen Doyle of Tor Books, Johnny Carruthers, R.S. Causo, Paul Cobbs, Silvia Elisa Costa, Paul di Filippo, Ernesto, Dick Estell of the Radio Reader, Laura Frankos, Steve Frankos, John R. Grout, Nicole Kalian, Mike King, Kevin Lauderdale, Evelyn Leeper, Kuo-yu Liang, Alexis Lux, Andrei Novikov, Marino Panzanelli, Allen Pitt, Kate Savage, Pat Sayre McCoy, Robert Schmunk, Jay Shorten, Daniel Smushkovich of Polaris Publishers, Boris Tolstikov, Alison Turtledove, Rachel Turtledove, Rebecca Turtledove, Gerald Yarborough of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Daniel Yee and, of course, Harry Turtledove.

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