Harry Turtledove


Agent of Byzantium
For John and Steve, who went through it with me
Bloodfeuds, with Susan Shwartz, S.M. Stirling and Judith Tarr
To Iskander and Jim Grim and Shahrazed, Kim and T.E. Lawrence and Flashman, to John Carter, Khlit the Cossack and King of the Khyber Rifles anf J.E. Flecker. . . and to all who played the Great Game and took the Golden Road to Samarkand.
To Homer and Sophocles for the grand scheme of things.
To horse thieves everywhere.

We'd also like to thank Dr. Jerry Pournelle for graciously allowing us to turn Haven upside down, John Carr for composure in the face of the revolution, and Baen Books for saying "yes."

We are obligated to James D. MacDonald, former sysop of the Science Fiction Round Table on GEnie, Martha Soukup, the current sysop, and Katherine Lawrence, topic leader, for work space and forbearance.  We also gratefully acknowledge the help of many members of GEnie's Military Round Table.

Special thanks to GEnie friends and co-conspirators for their assistance and, in many cases, allowing their names to be taken in vain:  Robert "Mr. Spook" Glaub; William "Sapper" Gross; John "The Hammer of God" Johnston III; Richard "Captain Kirk" Kafka; Al Nofi; Tim "Plez" Pleasant; Trent "Flamingo" Telenko; and Mark "Raven" Turnage.  Thanks also to Master Sergeant Lance Bolun, U.S. Army.

The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump
At a panel on magic and technology at the 1991 World Fantasy Convention in Tucson, Alexandra Honigsberg remarked that any means of manipulating the environment, whether through technology or magic, brought a price.  That led me to make a crack about toxic spell dumps, which led me to scrawl the phrase down on my pocket program, which led to this book.  Thanks, Alexandra.

Thanks to Poul and Karen Anderson, who were in the audience at that panel, for liking the crack and encouraging the book.

Thanks to Jim Brunet for the spellchecker, to Susan Shwartz for sylph abuse, and to John Johnston III for St. Florian.

Somewhere close to half the other strange things in the book come from Laura--thanks to her, too, as always and for the usual excellent reasons.

The rest is my fault.

To Jim Brunet. . . there is some truth in what he says.
An Emperor for the Legion
To Judy-Lynn del Rey, for calling to let me know they sold.
Give Me Back My Legions!
To Gryn Morgan, Ron Mellor, and Hal Drake
The Great War:  American Front
For Steve and Peter, who made it better.
The Gryphon's Skull
The Gryphon's Skull is dedicated to Jack Horner, whose Dinosaur Lives gave me the idea for it.  I owe him special thanks for the pleasure of his conversation, and for his patience with my questions about Protoceratops skulls.  Any errors, of course, are purely my own.
Household Gods
No book is wholly original.  This one springs from an idea Fletcher Pratt (1897-1956) died before he could use.  The authors hope he would approve of what thye have done with and to it.

Thanks to Jim Brunet, whose suggestion sparked this collaboration.

Very special thanks to Brian N. Burg, who practices family law, for advice on matters legal.

Krispos of Videssos
To Constantine VII (who liked rice pudding) and Leo the Deacon
Krispos Rising
This one is for Rebecca (who arrived during Chapter V) and for her grandmothers, Gertrude and Nancy.
The Legion of Videssos
For Kevin, Marcella, Tom, and Kathy.
The Misplaced Legion
In various ways, this book is dedicated to L. Sprague de Camp, J.R.R. Tolkien, Speros Vryonis, Jr., and, above all, Laura.
For the people who helped me make it happen and make it better:  Stan and Russ and Owen and Shelly and Shelley and Tina.
Over the Wine-Dark Sea
This book is for Professor Stanley Burstein of California State University, Los Angeles, and for Noreen Doyle, with many thanks for their friendship and their help with my research.
The Stolen Throne
To the Redlines, father and son.
Swords of the Legion
For Alison, Rachel, and Laura again
The Two Georges, with Richard Dreyfuss
The authors would like to express their appreciation to Mr. Bob Urhausen of Goodyear Airship Operations, Gardena, California, for arranging for them to ride on the Goodyear airship Eagle and for the material he provided, all of which made scenes in The Two Georges involving airships more realistic than they could have been otherwise.

Special thanks to Harry Harrison for his thoughts on how a world without the American Revolution might look.

Thanks also to Anne Wenzinger for her generous assistance in all matters pertaining to railroads, especially those having to do with food.

A World of Difference
To the memory of my father-in-law Frank Frankos. . . and for Barney the Frog.

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